Throwing A Party With Our Range Of Domestic King Kitchen Appliances

If you’re throwing a house party or hosting a gathering with your loved ones, why not consider the addition of a Domestic King electrical appliance to add some excitement to your party? 

At Gadgetize, our brand Domestic King offers a great range of domestic appliances that are the perfect addition to any household, party, and gathering. Making for great family fun and tasty treats. Below we discuss some of the very best Domestic King appliances for your party!

Cascading Chocolate Fountain

The centre-piece of any talked-about party, the use of a chocolate fountain at your party or gathering is sure to win over your guests. Who doesn’t love something when it’s covered in chocolate!? The Domestic King chocolate fountain is ideal for any party or occasion, from birthday parties, to New Years celebrations, weddings and more. The 3-tier means it is the perfect size to cater for all guests and is suitable for all to use.

Popcorn Maker

Ideal for cinema-quality snacks, the Domestic King popcorn maker is the perfect addition to any party or event you are throwing. Whether this is to create quick, easy, and delicious late night snacks for your guests or as an accompaniment to a great film! Our popcorn maker is easy to use and is capable of creating a fresh, and healthy snack with no need for the use of oil. Simply choose how you would like your popcorn to taste by adding a flavouring such as butter, salts, or a sweetener and watch as your corn kernels pop to life in under 2 minutes! 

The 3-in-1 Treat Maker

If you can’t decide on just one treat for your party, why not have 3? Our 3-in-1 treat maker is the perfect solution. Capable of creating sweets such as churros, doughnuts and cake pops, you and your party guests can enjoy an array of tasty treats. No more disappointed guests, all your loved ones will be catered for. It’s simple and easy to use, just add your batter mix to the maker and choose the shape you would like to create. Once baked you can decorate and add to your treats as you wish!

The Domestic King guarantee

At Domestic King, our motto is ‘guarantee in itself’. With over forty years of experience in electrical appliances we can provide superb high-quality functional and trending products to our customers. We pride ourselves on having unrivalled customer service to make for the best buying experience possible. To order your Domestic King appliance simply browse our range and add to cart for free UK shipping across all orders. For any questions, simply get in touch with our team here at Gadgetize.

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