Galileo Thermometer - 33cm Multi Coloured 5 Bulb G107


A classic 5 bulb 33cm Galileo Thermometer from WILLIAM WIDDOP® - over 130 years of unrivalled innovation and unbeatable quality.

This Galileo thermometer contains small glass vessels of varying densities that denote the temperature. As the climate changes throughout the day, the floats will rise or fall to indicate what temperature it is.

It is named after Galileo Galilei who discovered the density principle. A classic gift for a classy gent.

Established in 1883, WILLIAM WIDDOP® is our flagship brand, named after our founder who was a clockmaker and jeweller based in the Yorkshire town of Brighouse. With a strong focus on family traditions, we continue to manufacture classic clocks as well as producing new & innovative designs. WILLIAM WIDDOP® clocks are famed for their history, longevity and timeless style which remains steadfast in the range today. Manufactured with unrivalled quality for those who will cherish their traditional timepieces for many years to come.

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Galileo Thermometer - 33cm Multi Coloured 5 Bulb G107
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