Time Tutelary KA074RD Quad Watch Winder Box

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Automatic watches are fantastic devices. They keep going when you wear them, without you having to wind them to keep them ticking. If you own more than one though, it can be difficult to keep them all going. This watch winder box takes the problem out of your hands. With enough space to fit in four watches and keep them wound you won't have to worry about your watch not keeping time if you choose to wear it after an extended period of not wearing it. With a glass viewing window so you can see which watches are wound and ready to go you won't be caught out when you choose a watch to wear. The red gloss finish on this box makes it a stylish storage box for your prized possessions that would look good on any dressing table. The cream interior not only looks clean and crisp, but also makes sure that your watches stand out on their viewing stand. With four winding stands to keep your watches wound you might think that means you can store four watches at a time, but that's not the case. There is an extra drawer on the front of the box with enough space to store another five watches, or other jewellery if you like, although any watches stored in this drawer won't be wound. Not only does the box have all of these features it also has four different winding settings, depending on how often you rotate your watches, or if you are winding a watch that hasn't been used for a while. It also has the ability to wind both clockwise and anti clockwise. No matter what your situation there is a winding setting for your desire. This box is a godsend for any collector of watches, and one you need if you plan on wearing them and not just putting them on display.

  • Holds up to 4 automatic watches and includes additional space for 5 watches with a handy drawer included 
  • High piano gloss moulded red finish. Premium PU Cream interior
  • 2 movements (clockwise and counter clockwise). 2 watch stands for up to 4 watches
  • 4 timer programs. 1 drawer for jewellery or up to 5 watches
  • Glass viewing window. Standardized power plug. Easy operation

4 Working Programs: A) Rotation / Pause: 33 secs / 12 mins (1440 TPD). B) Rotation / Pause: 10 min / 90 min (1440 TPD). C) Rotation / Pause: 30 min / 3 h (5760 TPD) and D) Rotation / Pause: 1 hr / 3 hr (2152 TPD)

Approx. weight: 2.4KG

Approx. dims: 321 x 177 x 223 mm

4 programs

1 drawer

AC Power Adaptor UK *We will provide a Euro plug for customers who buy from European countries

1 yr warranty *

Fits case size up to 42mm

Fits strap size between 170-195mm

Japanese motor

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Time Tutelary KA074RD Quad Watch Winder Box
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