Daewoo 1500w 7 fin Oil Heater


Product Description:

Home, garage or office use - The Daewoo radiator is the ideal solution for warming up your home, garage or small office - Thanks to the heat you can be sure to stay warm during the winter months.

Thermostat control - This heater features a handy thermostat and temperature control with 3 heat settings so you set which temperature suits you and others around you best.

Slim and portable design - Thanks to the vertical and free standing design it is perfect for storing in the corner of a room or office and let it heat the room up.

1500W power output - This radiator has a 1500w output, which means it can quickly and easily warm up a large room within 30 minutes of being turned on for maximum comfort

Roller wheels - The roller wheels at the bottom of the radiator allow for easy transportation between room to room or to move around the office so you can warm the room up easily and saves you trying to carry the radiator.

Dimensions - H590 x W135 x L370mm.

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Daewoo 1500w 7 fin Oil Heater
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