Beldray BEL0700 Vacuum Cleaner, Compact Vac Lite, Bagless Cylinder Vac 700w

£55.90 £53.11

Celebrating 150 Years of Beldray, this small and lightweight Beldray Compact Vac Lite is the perfect choice for any home. At 700 W with a brilliantly efficient cyclonic system, it provides powerful suction for effortless cleaning. Cleverly designed with side ventilation for significantly reduced noise whilst you vacuum, the 5 metre cord and rubber wheels allow easy manoeuvrability, protecting your floors whilst you move around your home. Including a crevice and brush tool, this vacuum is ideal. This Beldray Compact Vac Lite weighs just 3.5 kg and has rubber wheels, so it will effortlessly glide over your floors as you clean. The washable HEPA filter captures and traps household allergens and dust for cleaner air which is essential for allergy sufferers. With a heavy-duty 700 W motor, it has impressive suction power and a telescopic extension tube to allow for excellent manoeuvrability. Includes a 2-in-1 crevice and brush tool so you can clean into the corners and a 5 metre cord for easy reach without unplugging. 150 years and still growing - Beldray are planting a tree for every Cylinder Vacuum purchased, providing a more sustainable future.

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Beldray BEL0700 Vacuum Cleaner, Compact Vac Lite, Bagless Cylinder Vac 700w
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