Domestic King 3-IN-1 Treat Maker, 800W, Create Doughnuts, Churros, Cake Pops & Waffles- DK18032
This Domestic King 3-in-1 Treat Maker is perfect for parties since it allows you to prepare delightful tiny sweets quickly and easily. Enjoy producing doughnuts, cake pops, and churros in minutes with the 800W power and replaceable non-stick cooking plates. The...
Domestic King 3-IN-1 Sandwich Maker, Interchangeable Non-Stick Cooking Plates, Waffle Maker, Panini Maker, Sandwich Maker- DK18025
The Domestic King 3-in-1 Snack maker has interchangeable plates so you can swap between them easily to make sandwiches, waffles and to grill. The plates are wonderfully non-stick to release the snacks without tearing or crumbling, the coating also makes...
Domestic King Chocolate Fountain, Table Top Machine, Party Food, 3 Tier Cascading- DK18001
This three-tier fountain, made of stainless steel and encased in a strong plastic casing, is simple to construct and maintain. Enjoy with strawberries, marshmallows, fudge, banana, profiteroles, and more to spice up the flavour! 27cm in height, 15cm in width,...
Domestic King Popcorn Maker, Healthy Home-Made Treats, 1200 W- DK18049
HOME MADE POPCORN - Make healthy and delicious popcorn in the comfort of your own home with this hot air popcorn maker. 220-240V/ 1200Watts HEALTHY POPCORN MAKER — This popcorn maker pops the kernels with heated air, eliminating the need...
Domestic King Candy Floss Maker 500W, Retro Machine, Fairground Style, 30cm x 32cm- DK18018
PREMIUM CANDY FLOSS Machine – Make your own carnival favourite candyfloss at home in minutes with this classic candyfloss maker. SHOW-STOPPER PARTY FEATURE — This vibrant candyfloss maker is the ideal size and style for children's parties and sleepovers. With...
Intempo SYNC Desktop Selfie Light
Shoot your best videos and take flawless selfies with this Intempo Sync Desktop Selfie Light, complete with phone holder. Choose from the three light modes to create the perfect atmosphere for your social media snaps or professional portraits. The light...
Intempo 26cm ,3 Light Modes Standing Selfie Light Ring EE5976BLKSTKEU
Description: The perfect accessory for recording videos or taking selfies, the Intempo Selfie Light is an ideal choice. Featuring a sturdy metallic base to avoid shocks and vibrations during filming, the holder includes a selfie ring light which has 3...
Global Gizmos Rotating 5-inch Disco Ball 45860
 LED DISCO BALL – This fantastic 5 Inch disco ball is just what you need to add life to a party! It spins and shines a variety of different colours across a room just like a classic disco ball.   GREAT...
Global Gizmos 1.5W Disco Light Bulb- 45570
- Add even more fun to every party with this Disco bulb!- It comes with a bayonet fitting so you can simply pop it into either a ceiling fan or lamp of your choice- The bulb auto rotates to project...
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Global Gizmos Red Retro Style Sweet Vending Machine~ 50800
 SWEETS VENDING MACHINE – This vintage candy dispensing machine is the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth to take to their office or to keep at home in the kitchen or bedroom.   EASY TO USE – This candy...
Global Gizmos Mini Cupcake Maker 1000w Non-Stick 35590
Size: 10.05 X 0.53m Approx: 5.32msq Pattern Repeat: 60cm Match: Straight Scrubbable Good Light Fastness Peelable Paste The Paper New from Holden Décor’s Opus range comes this superb Viviani Damask wallpaper. This stylish modern wallpaper features a traditional damask leaf...
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Global Gizmos Chocolate Melting Pot
Perfect for a sweet treat in the evening or even for a party! Simply melt your preferred chocolate in the pot and them dip in your favourite foods The pot is both easy to use and easy to clean which...
Global Gizmos Brownie Maker 700w Non-Stick 51390
This machine with its cool touch handle will help make six brownies and keep their shape when cooking. The non stick plates top and bottom mean it is easy to take out the brownies and also means it is easy...
Quest Pancake & Crepe Maker- 35540
Cook traditional crepes and pancakes - the powerful 1000W plate for cooking crepes, pancakes, omelettes, chapattis, rotas and much more in minutes. Non-stick - 30cm non-stick, wipe clean plate for easy cleaning. Thermostat - Adjustable temperature controls for more control...
Daewoo 1000W 12 Inch Electric Crepe Maker
Daewoo 1000W 12 Inch Electric Crepe Maker HEALTHY OPTION - Use this portable hot plate to cook sweet or savoury pancakes with very little butter or oil - Add chopped up fruits or vegetables to your crepe to squeeze in...
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Popcorn Maker 60-80g Capacity
HOME MADE POPCORN – This hot air popcorn maker allows you to make healthy and delicious popcorn all from the comfort of your own home. HEALTHY POPCORN MAKER – This popcorn maker uses hot air to pop the kernels, meaning...
Global Gizmo Waffle Maker
Size: 10.05 X 0.53m Approx: 5.32msq Pattern Repeat: 60cm Match: Straight Scrubbable Good Light Fastness Peelable Paste The Paper New from Holden Décor’s Opus range comes this superb Ornamental Sequin Leaf wallpaper. This stylish modern wallpaper features a 3D leaf...
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