This is the modern day and age where everything in this world is touched by technology. From the way we travel to the communication, work and everything that goes with it is all based on some technology or modern invention. Indeed it is not an understatement to say that technology runs our lives and we let it. The thing is that we let technology run our life because we lead a much more comfortable life because of it. All our jobs have been made easier because of technology. A simple task of house cleaning which used to take hours before is completed much sooner because of vacuum cleaner and other machines. Our office work is now run by computers and we no longer need to depend on files and papers. Indeed the world is fast moving to a paperless existence.


Technology and its advancements has made the quality of lives much better. Before cooking a simple meal for a family of five would take someone a lot of time now we just need the right equipment’s around the kitchen to make it within a few minutes. If you buy Kenwood mini chopper you can chop vegetables and nuts in a matter of seconds its hassle free and hands free so you have no trouble using it. You have the microwave to heat things and prepare a few items you no longer need to only depend on traditional stoves and cooker to make your items faster. The impact that technology has on our life is pretty amazing.

We have of course become far too reliant of technology which some say is very bad. Like if the Air conditioner or the heater does not work for a day and we find it very difficult to manage the day and get extremely uncomfortable. Everyone has a phone and a Tablet these days including kids who have much more than they should probably have. We can claim that sometimes technological advancements have been a little detrimental to human beings but all said and done there is no denying the fact that it has reduced most of our manual labor. Some people say that it is the reason for most of our illness because we rely too much on technology to do the manual labour and we never get up and do something on our own. Like for example in the kitchen if we buy Kenwood mini chopper almost half of our work is done and hence they say it makes us lazy. However what technology has managed to give us is more productive time for our thoughts.