Kenwood Mini Chopper CH180 White

The Kenwood Mini Chopper is like one of the most needed kitchen appliances such as, all other kitchen appliances. This mini chopper is specially designed for grinding vegetables, spices, herbs, meat and fruit. Kenwood mini chopper carries a steel blade which is operated by an engine 300W and has 2 speeds to view how accurately chopped you would like the ingredients to be. Through the 350ml of neat plastic container you can clearly view how properly it has chopped. The very good thing about this chopper is it is less time consuming and hassle–free. That is the thing which makes this chopper best suitable gadget for any home. The size of this mini chopper is 19cm x 11.8cm x 14.5cm. It means if you are running out of space still it won’t matter to you. You can fit it in any suitable place. It won’t make a mess of your kitchen and obviously your feeling for the kitchen too.

One of the best things about this Kenwood mini chopper is that it is washable and removable. There is a motor inbuilt with this Kenwood mini chopper. That works a safety interlock function to avoid any accidents when making use of it.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) : 26.5 x 13 x 13 cm
  • Power : 300 Watts
  • Weight : 1.15 Kg
  • Quad Blades (4) a perfect chopping, very swiftly
  • Body material : Plastic
  • For your all chopping needs 0.5 liter bowl
  • 2 speed push down operation for greater influence
  • For superior results it has quad blade system
  • For durability it has stainless steel blades

Key Features:

  • This Kenwood mini chopper has 300W motor powers with the stainless steel quad blade system. You can have perfect result at any time
  • Safety matters a lot and obviously it does come with Kenwood Mini Chopper
  • For your precision chopping requirements the 0.5 bowl capacity is absolutely just right choice