Hair clippers are flying off the shelves during the coronavirus lockdown. With worried hair-owners wondering when they’ll next be able to visit a barber or hairdresser, clippers are becoming an essential item. At John Lewis, sales have spiked by 200 per cent, with a company representative describing “unprecedented demand”.Hair clippers, as opposed to beard trimmers, are designed for your head hair. The main difference, says Marcus Gaye, also known as The Chic Geek and author of Fashion Wankers, “is that beard trimmers have a thinner blade, and therefore can cut closer to the skin. The clipper is designed to cut more hair over larger areas. A trimmer is better at edges, outlining hair and adding more detail.”Benjamin May, founder of Barber + Blow in London, adds that hair clippers are also bigger and more powerful, affording them the capability to remove more hair over a larger area.How easy are hair clippers to use? Whether you’ve been charged with cutting the hair of a partner or family member, or are attempting on yourself as many have in lockdown, May warns that it’s not as simple as it looks. He suggests watching a few YouTube tutorials to develop your technique. “It can be quite a cack-handed feeling at first, it can definitely feel awkward, like holding a Nokia 5210, which was never comfortable to hold.”In terms of the shaving itself, most clippers range from a one setting to an eight – though if you remove the length attachment, it’ll be around a zero or 0.5. While a fade might be too complicated for the first-timer, May says even a grade two all over isn’t necessarily plain sailing. “I always think back to when my step-mum shaved my dad’s hair. There were always long hairs left,” May reminisces. It is often necessary to go over the whole scalp a few times to shave it all off.