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Intempo Perform Docking Station

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Price: £60.75

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Manufacturer's Description From the iPod speaker experts, Intempo brings you the Perform. Leading the field Intempo have incorporated a sleek eye catching speaker dock with a unique silent motorized arm which cleverly docks your iPod into the unit and behind the screen, and charges as it plays. This acts as double protection. Most damage to iPods is caused by forcing the iPod onto the connector and of course damage occurs to the iPod through it being knocked from the connector on the dock. This type of connector damage can often result in the unit having to be replaced. Take the worry out of parties by investing in the Intempo Perform and its fantastic features. Motorized dock and cabinetParty panic over! Protect your iPod in style. The motorized dock takes the risk out of forced docking, by doing it for you. Gently installing your iPod behind a screen to ensure total party protection, all at the touch of a button! Speaker outputThe Perform excels at 30 watts speaker output, with a rich and detailed true stereo sound. With classic acoustic neutral grill covers, the Perform is a beautifully engineered audio solution. FM Radio with digital tunerSupplement your iPod listening with the best of UK radio. The Intempo Perform is easy to tune and offers 20 station presets. These can also be used as the alarm wake up default. Loaded with an auto search function the Perform will scan the airways and automatically store stations as the signal is located. AlarmWake up to iPod, FM radio or bleep alert. The Intempo Perform offers easy wake up and sleep options to ensure you don’t sleep in! Sleep ModeFall asleep to your favourite music or radio station, choose from 90,80,70,60,50,40,30,20 or 10 minutes. Simply choose the option you want and Perform will sleep when you want it to. Bass and Treble and EQ adjustmentThe Intempo Perform allows you to change the bass and treble response either on the unit itself or through the remote control giving you total control over your listening experience, the large clear display will show your settings as you change them. In addition Perform offers you the choice to vary the way sounds are produced, allowing you to listen in the following tone, POP, ROCK, JAZZ, CLASSIC or FLAT. The Perform will show you how you are listening by displaying this choice on the screen. Clock and DisplayThe Intempo Perform has a multi functional display with backlight making it easy to read the clock and control the functions of the dock and radio. AUX Mode The Perform is supplied with an AUX-IN socket allowing you to connect any external audio devise such as an MPE, mobile phone or even a TV, the sound really is that good. Remote ControlThe fully functional remote control allows you to control all the Perform features without even getting up! The handy remote dock means you'll never spend hours searching for your lost remote as it sits neatly on the top of the Perform. Ipod CompatibilityIphone3G:8GB, 16GB;Iphone 3GS:16GB, 32GB;Ipod Classic:120GB, 160GB(2009);Ipod Mini:4GB, 6GB;Ipod Nano- 5th Generation (video camera):8GB, 16GB. The Intempo Perform comes with the full 1 year “Safe and Sound” Intempo warranty, for extra peace of mind. Simply visit the Intempo website or call the Intempo Broken department for help and advice. Box Contains Perform Remote Control Mains adapter Instruction manual Warranty Card

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